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RP-Chic outfits at Fashion Show in Boston

Обновлено: 3 дек. 2019 г.

1st Dec, 2019 There took a place a great fashion show dedicated to historical theme. Many different outfits were presented on stage. I was as a part of this show too and now would like to tell you about my outfits from "Roleplay-Chic" store by Emma Fargis.

Lady Martha

Civil war time in USA. Romantic lady who's waiting for her groom from the front. For cooler days, Tara shows us a blouse-skirt combination. The blouse can be combined in four different colors and with a ruffle to four differently colored skirts. The skirt has a ruffle at the bottom and falls very far. In addition, Tara wears a cowboy hat and a leather strap around her neck. Outfit decorated with flowers on hat and in hands.

My second outfit was very unusual and unexpectedly to realize. A male soldier outfit! Let's look at this handsome.

Northern Representative wears the uniform of the Confederal Army.

The material of the uniform is a hard-wearing and coarse, damp, dirt, cold and heat-defying cloth material

The cloth is a wool fabric and was woven on English Jaquart machines.

Stand-up collar, button placket and cuff are provided with yellow push button button placket has gold buttons and is left-opening.

A trouser made of durable cotton fabric in the calf-high leather boots stuck.

On the head the soldier wears a felt-like cap with the sign of his weapons affiliation.

The soldiers' equipment includes a white bread bag, a water bottle, and a belt with a pocket.

MP store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/34606

All pics were made at Boston Atlantia sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantia%20New%20World/212/128/23

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